For as long as man has been walking the earth, cutting implements have been an essential piece of equipment—for hunting, fighting, survival, trading, and cooking. Over time, the materials used to make knives have evolved, but their utilitarian usages remain the same: functional and life-sustaining tools that serve as emblems of strength in the great outdoors, the kitchen, the workplace, or just about anywhere for the modern-day warrior. Survivor Hand takes pride in being able to supply you with a wide array of these quintessential instruments with efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable service from our shop located online and in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.  

In Appalachia, a pocketknife was an essential tool used in daily life; the men who carried them were hardworking do-it-yourselfers who relied on themselves in practically every situation. At Survivor Hand, we are the next generation of Appalachian knife and cutlery aficionados, so we are the men and women who can offer you the guidance you need in your purchase. From functional and life-sustaining knives and luxury culinary workhorses that sliver with surgical precision, to collectible pieces with pristine old world craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces that are meant to tell a story, we will help you to confidently choose your tool, we will carefully hand-pack your item(s) for de- livery, and we will get it to you efficiently and quickly. 

Offering you iconic American products from Case; innovative selections from Spyderco; the "Lamborghini of knives” from high-end Italian company LionSTEEL; and professional cutlery from Victorinox, we choose brands that provide high-end razor-sharp utility and flawless aesthetic that will provide a lifetime of reward. But as important as our product line is, our customer is everything to us. Whether you are a seasoned knife collector, a knife enthusiast, a culinary artist, a first-time browser, or an every-day user, you will get an excellent online shopping experience that is cutting edge! Often times shopping online can be impersonal. But shopping online with Survivor Hand is like strolling into our shop in the Blue Ridge where Ted can shake your hand, personally guide you to your product so you feel confident with your purchase, carefully hand wrap it for you, and remember your name the next time you come in. We humanize your online experience by welcoming you into our community with quick message response times, extensive product knowledge, our product warranty, and other after-sales support services.  

From cavemen to a modern-day soldier, there has never been a relationship quite like that between a man and his blade; whether you are fishing, backpacking, camping, hunting, boating, SCUBA diving, skiing, or hiking, your knife is a trusted companion. But as our name suggests, Survival Hand also carries a full line of other important outdoor survival gear, including hunting and fishing knives, lanterns, flashlights, animal repellent, first aid kits, navigation and optics, military and tactical gear, sheaths, and sharpeners. 

Survivor Hand is like that pocketknife: sharp and efficient—the tool you want to take everywhere. Try us out and see just how “cutting edge” our knife sales and service is. You won’t be disappointed.