Victorinox Swisschamp SOS Set Pocket Knife Stainless Steel Blades Red ABS Handle 18810X1

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4" (10.16cm) closed. Red ABS handle. Tools include: Small blade l Large blade l Corkscrew l Mini screwdriver l Awl l Reamer with sewing eye l Can opener l Small screwdriver l Bottle opener l Flat head screwdriver l Wire stripper l Scissors l Pliers l Wire cutter l Wire crimper l Fish scaler l Metric ruler l Saw blade l File l Magnifying lens l Phillips screwdriver l Screwdriver tip l Hook l ToothpickTweezersStandard rulerPenKeyring. Hook disgorger I Nail cleaner I Metal saw I Metal file I Chisel I Stainless pin. SOS Kit comes with compass with ruler for map reading, spirit level, matches, safety pins, signal mirror, grid paper, nylon string, knot tying instructions, sewing kit, bandages, sharpening stone, pressure pencil. Black leather belt sheath. Boxed.


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